The following is a list of available feature length and short screenplays written by Ben Fiore. Interested parties, such as Literary Agents, Producers, Filmmakers, Financiers and Actors, can find out more about each one by contacting Ben.

Please remember to check back often for updates and additions to the list of available screenplays.


"In the Quiet of the Evening" (thriller) A young woman embarks on a bizarre, treacherous journey in an effort to prove what she perceives as her neighbor having secretly murdered his wife. Co-written by Raymond Izaac. Winner, '1st Place Feature Script', 2018 Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival. 


"Blood and Loyalty" (drama); A botched jewelry store hold-up, a fatal hit-and-run getaway and two brothers with a harrowing secret, hidden in the night. 'Semifinalist' in the 2015 Story Pros International Screenplay Competition and a 'Top Finalist' in the 2017 Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition


"Forbidden" (horror); A down-on-his-luck mobster hatches the ghoulish plan to steal a priceless amulet from the corpse of a long dead society woman, only to unleash its deadly curse. Think "Tales from the Crypt" meets "Goodfellas" in this entertaining, macabre tale of the mob vs. the supernatural. 


"King for a Day" (drama); A failing Elvis Impersonator turns his life around after a chance encounter with The King himself. Co-written by Shawn Klush, the world's premier Elvis Tribute Artist, who is attached to portray Elvis.


"A Million Dollars and a Machine Gun" (thriller); A hapless young man is duped into delivering a satchel containing a million dollars cash and a machine gun for a dangerous, unknown entity who has kidnapped his girlfriend as collateral. 


"DEEP BLUE: NYC Transit Police" (crime drama TV pilot); A unique and original police crime drama TV pilot featuring the now defunct NYC Transit Police, who fought crime in New York's subways. Ben is a former NYC Transit Police Officer. Created by Ben and Mark Riccardi.


"The Sunrise Man" (drama); A respected Southern sheriff's life becomes hell when his dark past comes calling in the form of an enigmatic drifter. Co-written by Ben and Brazilian playwright, Altenir Silva, from an original story by award winning European director Werner Schumann. 'Top Finalist', 2017 Hollywood Hills Screenplay Awards.


"Condemned" (short thriller); As an innocent man is walked to the electric chair, wrongly convicted of murder, the guilty man, now free, experiences his every fear and emotion until poetic justice intervenes. This short thriller continues to win top awards and high placements in mainstream film festivals and screenplay competitions.